Lovell Consulting, LLC
Lovell Consulting, LLC

Available to teach the following:

Teradyne trained and certified for the following Teradyne classes.

Current Teradyne class numbers may change and not follow what is listed here.

Basic Programming – no longer listed on Teradyne’s catalog but is basically a 10 day training class in IMAGE and C testing

Basic Programming – 553-301-56 – 10 day training class in IMAGE and C testing

Programming Fundamentals – 553-305-67 – 1st Week of FLEX training
Mixed Signal Programming – 553-304-70 – 2nd Week of FLEX training
Power/Automotive Programming – 553-304-71 – Optional 2nd Week
Production Test Basic Seminar – 553-305-96 – Special 1 day + seminar
Semiconductor Test Basics for Non Engineer – 553-307-45 – Special 1 day + seminar
Other FLEX options such as POOL2, VHFAC and others

Also certified to teach Soft-Test: 
Mixed Signal Testing Course

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